Giving Back

Dorcas Circle

One of my favorite childhood memories is of time spent with my mom, observing and sometimes helping as she created wonderful things on her sewing machine. She patiently taught me, too, how to follow a pattern, modify or even create from scratch a garment or household item that was both useful and beautiful. I have always been so grateful to my mom for teaching me this skill. Sewing was a hobby of mine for years until I found myself too busy to fit it into my schedule. But I now make it a point to use some of that craft I was taught many years ago to sew for little girls who find themselves in area shelters.  Dorcas Circle has given me this opportunity.

On the first Saturday of each month, I meet at Bethany Lutheran Church with other women in the community to cut out, assemble or sew dresses sized from 3 months to 8-10 years. The dresses are made from donated pillowcases or fabric and are finished with embellishments of buttons, bows, lace or ribbons. Each one is unique and fun.

Once we have a collection of 40+ dresses, we deliver them to some of the local shelters where little ones may arrive without needed clothing. We now have a pattern to make shorts for little boys from t-shirts, so our mission is expanding. I’m so glad to take part in an activity where I can use my skills to help children in my own community. We are always looking for more hands & helpers, so come join me anytime!