About Us

Spend an afternoon walking through Kay and Dan Bowen’s garage, and you might think you are visiting a car museum spanning the golden years of automobiles. From the wooden wheeled 1919 and the classic 1956 Chevrolets to the 1926 Ford Model T street rod and the fully restored 1937 Plymouth, it’s quite a collection. Yet none is more meaningful to Kay than the custom lavender 1957 Chevy wagon. Dan will take credit for the restoration and upkeep of the other cars, but the wagon will always be Kay’s pride and joy.

A Passion for the Classics

Enjoying classic cars is more than just a hobby for Kay and Dan. It’s a passion they share, whether they’re attending a car show together, working on a new restoration project or simply enjoying a weekend cruise around town in one of their favorite cars. Dan is one of the founders of Central Texas Classic Chevy Club. For Kay, the draw has always been the timeless spirit, style and quality these old automobiles represent.

It’s fitting that Kay has such an appreciation for the classics because she is someone who believes in traditional values. During her years as a bookkeeper and office manager, she not only honed her attention to detail but learned the importance of treating people right. Kay was recruited to work as an office assistant to a local real estate professional and it didn’t take long for her to realize how much she loved this business. It inspired her to earn her license and branch out on her own.

A Timeless Commitment to Quality

That was back in 2006 and Kay has been making a positive impact in the greater Austin community ever since. She applies her “classic” approach to customer service that’s built on listening, caring and doing what is best for her clients every step of the way. “People are counting on me to provide the guidance and support they need when buying or selling a home,” Kay says. “That’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly, so I strive to give my all in order to help clients achieve their goals.”

Though her ideals may be timeless, that doesn’t mean Kay is a real estate professional who is ever stuck in her ways. Whether it’s utilizing the latest technology or implementing innovative marketing and staging strategies, she stays ahead of the curve in order to help buyers and sellers achieve the best possible results. And when you consider her organizational skills and ability to crunch the numbers, it’s easy to see how she makes sure no stone is left unturned throughout the real estate process.

A Classic Approach

Throughout your home purchase or sale, you can count on Kay Bowen to bring A Classic Approach to Real Estate built on care, quality and commitment. Count on her to help you make the most of your next move. Contact her today.